New Developments for Membership and Track Access

Dear Member,

The committee is hard at work looking at ways to improve our facility for our members, while ensuring we capture all of our revenue opportunities. We have some exciting developments in the pipeline.

One of the items that was reviewed was how we provide easy access to the track whist ensuring we capture all practice fee revenue. As you know, we have revenue leakage with some not registering and paying, or allowing non members to practice without paying.

We made a step forward with the introduction of FriendlyManager as our club membership system last year, providing a simpler way to register for practice, but we acknowledge that is still not an optimal experience. We also installed a camera to help keep track of track usage, and this has helped a bit. The track key process isn’t ideal either and it takes a lot of administration around key allocations, and also getting access to the track for those that do not have a key can be a challenge. In all these items do require a level of administraiton which is also hard when the committee are all volunteers.

After reviewing this in more detail, and looking at possible new solutions, the committee recently agreed to the following:

  • Implementation of a new club membership application by Tauranga based software company HelloClub.
  • Installation of a new gate combined with access control via HelloClub.

What will this mean for you? A simpler practice registration process with a one-time access code for entry. This also means no more keys and a more accessible track for everyone.

This new solution will mean track access will only be available via a practice registration. When you register, a one-time access code will be generated providing entry and exit for that day. Each time you register, a new code will be generated. No booking, no code, no entry.

We will also move away from allocating keys and make practice a consistent $20 for every session.

HelloClub will also become our registration system for Club Days. Another benefit is no Sporty form to fill out each time as we already have all the details we need from you as a member.

Overall, a simply more streamlined, time saving process for you, and a more efficient system for the club to manage, while ensuring we capture all of our practice fees. It is this revenue after all which helps us maintain the facility we can all enjoy.


Q. When are you looking to implement this new system?

A. We are aiming for the end of November at this stage, but will keep you updated on progress

Q. What happens to my existing membership?

A. We will send you a new link to signup. We feel it will be simpler to have our members register directly into the new system rather than migrate over. The signup takes less than 5 minutes and no payment will be due as you are already a financial member in the current year.

Q. What happens to my key and given I have a key I don't currently pay a practice fee, what will this mean for me?

A. We will honour the current $0 fee for practice if you own a key through to the end of the current financial year (March 31). The system will manage this automatically, but you will need to still book your practice to receive an access code. We will ask for your key to be dropped back at the club in due course.

Q. Will there be any education on the new system?

A. Yes, we will provide online guides on some key features. We will also host a couple of webinars so you can see first hand the new system in action and ask any questions.

We thank you in advance for your support and understanding and for your patience as we move to this new solution for the benefit of our club members.