Practice at Tokoroa

You need to be a current member of Tokoroa Kart Club Inc to be able to practice on the track.
Every driver and their pitcrew/family/friends need to register online prior to coming out to practice. This is to adhere to Covid 19 protocols and going forward the club can monitor who is at the track.

With our new membership system, the process to register for a practice has changed from April 1, 2022. Please review the Practice Registration Process document below for instructions.

If you would like to hire a track key, please contact Stihl Shop Tokoroa [Russell or Gaye Hoskins] on 07 886 6612 or 021 467 546 or  You need to organise a key or entry to the track a few days prior to your practice. The track is not automatically open.

Track Key Policy:
New members can pay $100.00 per annum for a key when joining the Club.

Keyholders must not lend their keys out to non-keyholders and non-members. If this is not adhered to you will be banned from using the track.

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